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Desserts / Dolci                                                                                                         

Desserts   £5.50

Panna cotta del giorno - homemade panna cotta of the day

Tiramisu - homemade famous Italian coffee flavoured dessert

Cheesecake - homemade cheesecake of the day

Sticky toffee sponge pudding with custard or cream

Torta al cioccolato - chocolate dessert of the day

Dessert of the day

Ice creams ~ Gelati    £5.50

vanilla with vanilla pods

strawberry with strawberry pieces

chocolate with chocolate pieces

Lemon sorbet £5.90

Affogato £6.50

vanilla ice cream topped with a choice of either espresso, amaretto,             

Irish cream or liquorice liquor

Cheese board £6.50

served with biscuits or bread